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Removal of In-Ground Vehicle Lift (IGVL) Systems
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Underground automobile lifts systems contain hydraulic oil to raise and lower a hydraulic piston. Hydraulic oil from these systems can leak into the subsurface, creating a liability for shop owners and operators. Underground Storage Tank Specialists, Inc. will remove these systems permanently and can remediate any affected media as a result of a leak. Underground Storage Tank Specialists, Inc. provides the following services:

    • Permitting
    • Saw-cut Floor Around Lift
    • Remove Concrete
    • Hydraulic Oil Removal, Transport, and Disposal
    • Excavate Soil to Expose Lift
    • Remove, Transport, and Dispose Lift
    • Remediate Contaminated Soil
    • Collect Soil Samples from Excavation
    • Backfill with Gravel and Install New Concrete